User Levels and Advancement

All new users begin at the Contributor level. Contributors are limited to new data entry, editing their own Entries, and commenting on data entered by other users. To perform more advanced tasks, you first need to prove that you understand the SDBM data model and data standards. SDBM Admins will use your data contributions, community participation, and De Ricci Name Game results as evidence of your readiness for advancement.You are not required to advance, and may remain a Contributor forever if you wish.

New SDBM User Levels

  • Contributor: Contributors can create Entries, Sources, Names, and Manuscript Records; comment on other Entries; link Entries; and create Manuscript Records. Contributors can edit and manage only the Entries, Sources, Names, and Manuscript Records they create.
  • Editor: Editors can do all things that Contributors can do, plus edit all Manuscript Records, manage Names, and approve all Entries, Sources, Names, and Manuscript Records.
  • Super Editor: Super Editors can do all things that Editors can do; plus, edit legacy data (Entries added to the database before October 15, 2015).
  • Admin: Admins (Administrators) are New SDBM staff who can do all things that Contributors and Editors can do, plus edit and delete all Entries, Sources, Names, and Manuscript Records.

How to Advance

Contribute to the SDBM by:

  • Adding data in the form of Entries, Sources, Names
  • Linking Entries to Manuscript Records
  • Playing the De Ricci Name Game
  • Participating in the Forum

Criteria and Evaluation

SDBM Admins review the entire corpus of a user’s work within the SDBM when considering advancement. To advance from Contributor to Editor, a user must play at least 10 De Ricci Name Games and demonstrate a basic understanding of the data model and purpose of the SDBM. Advancing from Editor to Super-Editor requires evidence of an advanced conceptual understanding of the SDBM, demonstrated by data entry, linking Entries, or participation in the greater SDBM community. There is no formula for guaranteed advancement. The SDBM Admins will review each user’s work on an individual basis and decide whether that user’s efforts demonstrate the aptitude required for higher level functions within the database. If the Admins decide not to advance a user, they will provide suggestions for how the user might merit advancement in the future. No user is required to advance to a higher level.

The SDBM Admins will use the following criteria for user advancement:

Quality of the Name Game Results. Did the user:

  • Properly match De Ricci cards to SDBM Name Authority records?
  • Flag appropriate names for addition to the SDBM Name Authority?
  • Flag for Review names that were processed incorrectly within the game?
  • Skip only those names that did not fall into the previous three categories?

Adding Data. Did the user:

  • Add appropriate data to the database?
  • Follow the content standards as described in the tooltips?

Linking Entries to Manuscript Records. Did the user:

  • Link together Entries that describe the same manuscript, as evidenced by their data?
  • Identify Manuscript Records with incorrect links?

Participating in the Forum. Did the user post appropriate questions or comments within the Forum and engage in supportive discussion with other users?