SDBM Naming Standards

When available, SDBM Names include Virtual International Authority File (VIAF) ID numbers, and follow the standardized format of the name as provided in VIAF. However, many SDBM Names refer to repositories, scribes, and other persons related to the provenance of manuscripts not found in VIAF’s aggregated authority files, and their standardized names only exist within the SDBM. In such cases, we ask users to create authority names following our own data standards.

Provide as much of the following data as possible. Use these formatting guidelines:

For individuals, give Last Name, First Name, Title, Life Dates

Phillipps, Thomas, Sir, 1792-1872
Theodora, Empress, consort of Justinian I, Emperor of the East, -548
Proba, active 4th century
Master of Delft, approximately 1470-

For institutions, give name of city or governing institution if not included in the institution’s name. For abbeys, monasteries, convents, churches, etc., give city name and institution type or name.

Aulne Abbey
Winchester Cathedral
Houghton Library, Harvard University