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Source 2004-10-27 - Sotheby's (New York) - Important Hebrew manuscripts from the Montefiore endowment. (Auction/Dealer Catalog)
Cat./Lot # 356
Transaction Information
Selling Agent(s) Sotheby's (New York)
Seller(s) Montefiore Endowment
Sold Yes
Date Sold 2004-10-28
Price 1920.00 USD
Manuscript Details
Titles Halikhot Olam
Mavo ha-Talmud
Sefer ha-Kabbalah
Commentary on Isaiah 52:13
Authors Jeshua ben Joseph, ha-Levi, active 15th century (recorded as Jeshua ben Joseph ha-Levi)
Samuel, ha-Nagid, 993-1056 (recorded as Samuel the Nagid (Nagrela)) (Attr)
Samuel ben Hananiah, active 12th century (recorded as Samuel ben Hananiah, the Nagid of Egypt)
Ibn Daud, Abraham ben David, Halevi, approximately 1110-approximately 1180 (recorded as Abraham ben David ibn Daud)
Abravanel, Isaac, 1437-1508 (recorded as Isaac Abrabanel)
Manuscript Dates 1571 (1571 to 1572)
Scribes Abraham Finzi (recorded as Abraham Finzi)
Materials Paper
Places Rivoli, Turin, Piedmont, Italy, Europe (Rivoli (Italy))
Folios 71 Lines Columns
Height 202 Width 148 Alt Size
Binding Old wrappers.
Other Info

Acccording to the colophon on fol. 39v the manuscript was copied at the home of the brothers Moses and Elijah Trabot in Rivoli (Piedmont, Italy).

Provenance Information
(No Date) Halberstam, S. J. (Solomon Joachim), 1832-1900 (as Solomon Halberstam)
Shelf no. 372.
(No Date) Judith Montefiore College (Ramsgate, England) (as Judith Lady Montefiore College at Ramsgate)
2004-10-27 (Associated) Montefiore Endowment (as Montefiore Endowment)
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