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Source Bibliothèque nationale de France - Bibliotheque nationale de France, Archives et Manuscrits Online Catalogue - (Collection Catalog)
Cat./Lot # Grec 2489
Manuscript Details
Titles Almageste (extrait du livre II, chapitre 6 (Almagest, extract of Book 2, Chapter ^)
"ex ethica Plutarchi de fera dilectione", traductions latines de passages de Plutarque en grec (Ex ethica Plutarchi de fera dilectione: Latin translations of passages from Plutarch)
De fraterno amore (On fraternal love)
épitaphes grecques et latines (Greek and Latin epitaphs)
Epitaphes de Sappho en grec et en latin (Epitaphs in Greek and Latin)
poème pour Cyriaque d’Ancône (Poem for Ciriaco d'Ancona)
Des Monuments (I, 1 à I, 2, 19) (On monuments, I, 1 to I, 2, 19)
Lettre à l’impératrice Irène Paléologue (Letter to the Empress Irene Palaiologina)
Scholies à Platon (Scholia on Plato)
Sphériques (Spherics)
Eléments Astronomiques (Astronomical elements)
scholie à Hésiode (Les Travaux et les Jours) (Scholia on Hesiod's Works and Days)
Les genres épistolaires (Letters)
Sur le tremblement de terre de 1637 (On the earthquake of 1637)
Sur le syllogisme (On syllogism)
Lettres (Letters)
La Traversée et Zeus Confondu (Zeus Tragoedus)
Eloge funèbre (Funeral Eulogy)
Authors Ptolemy, active 2nd century (recorded as Ptolémée)
Plutarch (A.D. 46-120) (recorded as Plutarchi)
Sappho (recorded as Sappho)
Aurispa, Giovanni, approximately 1376-1459 (recorded as Giovanni Aurispa)
Procopius (recorded as Procope de Césarée)
Theodosius, active 1st century B.C. (recorded as Théodose de Tripoli)
Geminus (recorded as Geminus [sous le nom de Proclus])
Proclus, approximately 410-485 (recorded as Proclus) (Attr)
Proclus, approximately 410-485 (recorded as Proclus)
Libanius (recorded as Ps-Libanio) (Attr)
Cabasilas, Nilus, sec. XIV (recorded as Nil Cabasilas)
Demosthenes (384-322 B.C.) (recorded as Démosthène)
Lucian, of Samosata (recorded as Lucien de Samosate)
Lysias (recorded as Lysias)
Manuscript Dates XIVè- XVIIè siècle (1500 to 1701)
Scribes Ciriaco, d'Ancona, 1391-1452 (recorded as Cyriaque d’Ancône)
Vergece, Ange, 1505-1569 (recorded as Ange Vergèce)
atelier [of Ange Vergece]
Hierotheos, Superior of a monastery in Cephalonia (recorded as Hierotheos supérieur d’un monastère de Céphalonie)
Chrysoloras, Manuel, approximately 1350-1415 (recorded as Manuel Crisoloras)
Otrante, Jean d' (recorded as Jean d’Otrante)
atelier [of Jean d'Otrante]
Languages Greek (recorded as grec)
Latin (recorded as latin)
Materials Paper (Papier de différentes qualités)
Folios 120 Lines Columns
Height 170 Width 240 Alt Size
Binding Late 17th-c., or early 18th-c. red morocco; royal crest and monograms; central gilt medallion on both covers; gilt triple filet border decorated with fleur de lys, sun and star motifs, and royal insignia; title on spine in capitals; lower portion of spine damaged
Other Info

Regius 3369; made up of multiple distinct sections with diverse, unknown provenances, each section copied by a different scribe, some known, some unknown; dimensions are 140/170 x 195/240; some rubricated titles and scholia, one title in blue, decorative header on f. 80r and 89r, space left at f. 101r for an initial, never put in, otherwise undecorated; see record for description of format, layout, script, paper, and bibliography; manuscript online:

Provenance Information
(No Date) Ridolfi, Niccolò, 1501-1550 (as Cardinal Ridolfi)
Ff. 79(bis)-88 seem to correspond to a note in the 1597 Lista di stima, which lists a fragment of Lysias in the library of Cardinal Ridolfi. It is unclear how this section arrived in Mazarin's collection. It was not included in the inventory of Catherine de Medici's library made after her death, like many of Ridolfi's manuscripts. It is possible that this section found its way into the Royal Library through a route other than Mazarin and was just retained on its own until being bound with the rest of the sections by the Royal LIbrary.
1661 (End) Mazarin, Jules, 1602-1661. (as cardinal Mazarin)
At least a portion of the manuscript once belonged to Mazarin. Notice : Ex Bibliotheca Cardinalis Mazarini at bottom of f. 13r. The first quire probably was not attached at this time. It is unclear exactly which sections can be definitively linked to Mazarin.
(No Date) Collège des Quatre-Nations (as Collège Des Quatre-Nations)
Upon Mazarin's death in 1661 he left his library to the College Des Quatre-Nations. This manuscript was one of a lot of 229 Greek manuscripts exchanged with the Royal Library under Colbert. The present codex contains entry numbers 1575 and 1576 in Carcavy's catalog of Mazarin manuscripts in the Royal Library.
(No Date) Bibliothèque nationale de France (as bibliothèque du Roi)
The present codex contains entry numbers 1575 and 1576 in Carcavy's catalog of Mazarin manuscripts in the Royal Library, NAF 5763. The present codex was assembled by the royal librarians in the early 18th c. The regius number appears twice, suggested that at the time it was assembled in the Royal Library it was in at least two pieces.
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