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Source Bibliothèque nationale de France - Bibliotheque nationale de France, Archives et Manuscrits Online Catalogue - (Collection Catalog)
Cat./Lot # Grec 2461
Manuscript Details
Titles Harmonica (Harmonics)
Harmoniques (Harmonics)
fin d’un texte anonyme sur les éclipses (End of an anonymous text on eclipses)
Syntaxis Persarum (Persian Syntax)
table des latitudes et des longitudes de 38 villes (Table of latitudes and longitudes of 38 towns)
texte anonyme sur le zodiaque (Anonymous text on the zodiac)
page blanche portant un titre de chapitre : +ὡς α( ?) τέ σοι γένοιτο τῆς γναμης ξένε τὰ σὰ διδόντι τοῖς θέλουσιν ἀφθόνως + (Blank page with a chapter title: os a (?) te soi genoito tes gnames zene ta sa didonti tois thelousin aphthonos)
diverses tables astronomiques (Various astronomical tables)
Authors Bryennius, Manuel (recorded as Manuel Bryenne)
Ptolemy, active 2nd century (recorded as Claude Ptolémée)
Georgius Chrysococca (recorded as Georges Chrysococcès)
Manuscript Dates milieu du XIVè siècle (1325 to 1376)
Scribes plusieurs mains
Copyist F, active c. 1320-1350 (recorded as recorded as copiste F)
Languages Greek (recorded as grec)
Materials Paper (papier)
Places Thessaloníki, Greece, Europe (Thessalonique et Constantinople?)
Constantinople, Byzantine Empire, Europe
Folios 287 Lines Columns
Height 300 Width 215 Alt Size
Binding Byzantine binding; brown leather over wooden boards; traces of clasps; both covers with identical floral and geometric decoration; heraldic symbols together in a rectangle at each corner, including a one-headed eagle looking left, a fleur de lys and a monogram; spine smooth, undecorated, and restored; binding dated last third of the 14th c. by Irigoin.
Other Info

Regius 2742; line numbers vary by scribe; multiple scribes, all anonymous; rubricated titles, initials, diagrams, and astronomical tables in red and black; see record for description of format, layout, script, paper, and bibliography; manuscript online:

Provenance Information
(No Date) Bibliothèque nationale de France (as Bibliothèque nationale de France)
Provenance prior to entering the BnF is unknown. This manuscript is not listed in the Dupuy's 1645 catalogue but is included in Clement's 1682 catalogue (NAF 5402).
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