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Source 1953 - The Fitzwilliam Museum - A Handlist of the Additional Manuscripts in the Fitzwilliam Museum (Part III) - Francis Wormald and Phyllis M. Giles (Collection Catalog)
Cat./Lot # 176. (MS. 40-1950)
Manuscript Details
Titles Book of Hours of John Talbot, first Earl of Shrewsbury. With hymns and prayers in French and English
Manuscript Dates 1424, with later additions (1420 to 1430)
Languages Latin (recorded as Latin)
French (recorded as French)
English (recorded as English)
Materials Parchment (Vellum)
Places Rouen, Normandy, France, Europe (French (Rouen?))
Manuscript Uses Sarum
Folios 139 Lines Columns
Height 275 Width 110 Alt Size
Binding Bound with original wooden boards, uncovered.
Other Info

ff. 5 + 139. Miniatures, banners of the arms of Talbot and Beauchamp, borders, decorative initials. The style of the miniatures has much in common with B. M. Royal MS. 15 E VI, given by John Talbot to Margaret of Anjou in 1445.

Provenance Information
(No Date) Talbot, John, Earl of Shrewsbury, 1383-1453 (as John Talbot, first Earl of Shrewsbury)
(No Date) Henry de Bourbon
scribbled signature, 17th or 18th cent.
(No Date) Henry de Latour
scribbled signature, 17th or 18th cent.
(No Date) Henry de Goulard
scribbled signature, 17th or 18th cent.
1879 (End) 1850 (Associated) Firmin-Didot, Ambroise, 1790-1876 (as Ambroise Firmin-Didot)
Booklabel, 1850; lot 19 in Firmin-Didot sale, 31 May 1879
1879 (Start) Bernard Quaritch (Firm) (as Quaritch)
no. 35672 in his Catalogue 369, Sept. 1886.
(No Date) H. Bordes of Bordeaux
17 June 1899 (End) Belin, Theophile (1851-1921) (as T. Belin)
Sold by T. Belin to Henry Yates Thompson, 17 June 1899.
17 June 1899 (Start) 1919 (End) Thompson, Henry Yates, 1838-1928 (as Henry Yates Thompson)
Lot 6 in the Thompson sale at Sotheby's, 3 June 1919, bought by T. H. Riches
1919 (Start) 1935 (End) Riches, T. H. (as T. H. Riches)
(No Date) The Fitzwilliam Museum
Bequeathed to the Museum by T. H. Riches in 1935.
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