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Source 1953 - The Fitzwilliam Museum - A Handlist of the Additional Manuscripts in the Fitzwilliam Museum (Part III) - Francis Wormald and Phyllis M. Giles (Collection Catalog)
Cat./Lot # 171. (MS. 35-1950)
Manuscript Details
Titles Psalter, with Calendar and Litany
Manuscript Dates c. 1270-75 (1260 to 1276)
Languages Latin (recorded as Latin)
Materials Parchment (Vellum)
Places Picardy, France, Europe (French, probably Picardy)
Folios 253 Lines Columns
Height 170 Width 113 Alt Size
Binding Netherlandish panel-stamp binding, early 16th cent., Weale 419.
Other Info

Historiated and decorative initials, line-endings heraldic and grotesque.

Provenance Information
16th cent. (Associated) Jehane de Wasiers, Sister, active 16th century (as Soeur Jehane de Wasiers, nun of the Abbey of Premy)
18th cent. (Associated) Malotain de Villerode, F. J. (as F. J. Malotain de Villerode)
(No Date) Longeville, Jean de (as Jean de Longeville of the Chateau de Lavigny in the Jura)
He inherited the manuscript from his mother.
Feb. 1912 (End) Belin, Theophile (1851-1921) (as T. Belin of Paris)
Feb. 1912 (Start) 3 June 1919 (End) Thompson, Henry Yates, 1838-1928 (as Henry Yates Thompson)
Lot 2 in the Thompson sale, Sotheby's, 3 June 1919
3 June 1919 (Start) 1935 (End) Riches, T. H. (as T. H. Riches)
1935 (Start) The Fitzwilliam Museum
Bequeathed to the museum by T. H. Riches in 1935.
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