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Source Les Enluminures (Firm) - Text Manuscripts - (Accessed: 2017-05-13) (Online-only Auction or Bookseller Website)
Cat./Lot # TM 333
Transaction Information
Selling Agent(s) Les Enluminures (Firm)
Price 27500.00 USD
Manuscript Details
Titles Carthusian Rules and Sermons for Visitation
Manuscript Dates ca. 1500 - 1525 (1490 to 1526)
c. 1534 (1524 to 1545)
Languages Latin (recorded as Latin)
Italian (recorded as Italian)
Materials Parchment (Parchment)
Places Venice, Veneto, Italy, Europe (Northern Italy (Venice?)) ??
Folios 51 Lines 16 Columns 1
Height 155 Width 109 Alt Size
Hist. Initials Decor. Initials 20
Binding Likely bound in Venice; original brown leather binding over pasteboard; blindtooled and stamped; sewn on 3 bands; spine now mostly uncovered with only fragments of leather remaining
Other Info

ca. 1500-1525 with later additions c. 1534; 1 3-line initial infilled with rose and blue acanthus on polished gold grown at f. 1; 19 polished gold initials on parted grounds of red and blue or red and green with white tracery; pen scrollwork; last quire so loose as to be almost detached; see record for detailed description of format, layout, script, text, decoration, binding, and bibliography; unidentified note in pencil on front cover: AV425, 4 [juin] 2002, 530

Provenance Information
(No Date) Charterhouse of St. John the Evangelist, Calci (as Charterhouse of St. John the Evangelist at Calci near Pisa) ?
(No Date) Charterhouse of St. Andrea de Lido, Venice (as Charterhouse of S. Andrea de Lido in Venice) ?
Since the Priors mentioned in the Visitation record were from Venice and Florence, the manuscript may have been made for the Charterhouse of S. Andrea de Lido in Venice (see Gruys, Cartusiana, 3:384)
(No Date) Les Enluminures (Firm) (as Les Enluminures)
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