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Source Les Enluminures (Firm) - Text Manuscripts - (Accessed: 2017-05-13) (Online-only Auction or Bookseller Website)
Cat./Lot # TM 409
Transaction Information
Selling Agent(s) Les Enluminures (Firm)
Price 49000.00 USD
Manuscript Details
Titles Commentary on the Imperial Constitution 'Authentica Habita' (1154-1155) (Repetita commentatio super Autentica Constitutione Habita)
Authors Bologninus, Bartolomeus (recorded as Bartolomeus Bologninus) (Com)
Manuscript Dates 12 January 1492 (1492 to 1493)
Languages Latin (recorded as Latin)
Materials Paper (Paper)
Places Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, Europe (Italy, Bologn)
Folios 42 Lines Columns 1
Height 314 Width 214 Alt Size
Hist. Initials Decor. Initials 1
Binding Contemporary binding; beige-pink doeskin over pasteboard; leather ties (some wanting); back sewn on 3 raised thongs; 15th-c. pastedowns
Other Info

Dedication (possible also autograph) copy; tight and slightly sloping humanistic minuscule; unspecified number of penwork initials, one 3-line Roman capital in pink highlighted with white tracery on burnished gold ground; see record for detailed description of format, layout, collation, paper, text, script, penwork, pastedowns, and bibliography

Provenance Information
1492 (Start) Bentivoglio, Giovanni, 1443-1508 (as Giovanni II Bentivoglio)
Dedication copy (and in all likelihood autograph) of this commentary, written for Giovanni II Bentivoglio (1443-1509), ruler of Bologna from 1463 to 1506. It is possible that Bentivoglio’s arms might have figured in the lower margin of f. 1: this portion of the manuscript has been cut out (see paper restoration on f. 2); colophon at end of manuscript also indicated the work is dedicated to Giovanni II Bentivoglio (see record for Latin transcription); Giovanni II Bentivoglio also mentioned in dedicatory preface, f.1. (see record for Latin transcription)
(No Date) clerics?
Near contemporary inscription copied on upper part of upper pastedown concerning clerics (?): “Nota hic textum clarum quod interdicto clero non intellegitur interdictus populus...”
(No Date) European Private Collection
(No Date) Les Enluminures (Firm) (as Les Enluminures)
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