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Source Les Enluminures (Firm) - Text Manuscripts - (Accessed: 2017-05-13) (Online-only Auction or Bookseller Website)
Cat./Lot # TM 902
Transaction Information
Selling Agent(s) Les Enluminures (Firm)
Price 32000.00 USD
Manuscript Details
Titles Castilian translation of Livro de falcoaria
Authors Rodríguez de Escobar, Gonzalo (recorded as Gonzalo Rodriguez de Escobar) (Tr)
Menino, Pero, active 1382-1385 (recorded as Pero Menino)
Manuscript Dates c. 1490 - 1510 (1480 to 1511)
Languages Spanish, Castilian (recorded as Spanish)
Materials Paper (Paper)
Places Castile, Spain, Europe (Spain (Castile))
Folios 10 Lines 30 Columns 1
Height 208 Width 156 Alt Size
Binding Modern dark brown blind-stamped leather; smooth spine with green leather label, gilt-stamped: “LIBRO / DE / LA CAZA / DE / LAS AVES”; marbled endpapers; slipcase covered in light brown cloth
Other Info

Once bound with Madrid, Biblioteca Real, MS II-1370 to make completed copy of the work, split and bound separately by 1877; catalogued by José Gutiérrez de la Vega in 1877; brown ink in gothic cursive hand with some hybrida characteristics on 27-30 lines; 2- to 3-line spaces left for initials, never completed; diagrams in text; see record for detailed description of format, layout, paper, text, script, and bibliography; offered for sale only in Spain due to lack of export license

Provenance Information
1929 (End) Biblioteca del Palacio (Real Biblioteca) - Madrid - Castilla - Spain (as Biblioteca Real)
Once bound with Madrid, Biblioteca Real, ms. II-1370 as part of a more complete copy of Gonzalo Rodríguez de Escobar's Castilian translation of the Livro de falcoaria, the two codices had been split and bound separately by 1877, when the first cataloguer of the manuscript, José Gutiérrez de la Vega, reported that the two codices, both housed in the Biblioteca Real at the time, ought to be rejoined (1877, p. clxxi); black ink annotations and foliation in this manuscript are likely the work of Gutierrez de la Vega, his initials at top of f.1; this fragment went missing from the Biblioteca Real between 1923 and 1929, apparently stolen and sold by a library employee
1929 (Start) Vindel, Pedro (as Pedro Vindel Álvarez)
In 1929 identified among the inventory of Pedro Vindel Álvarez, having been stolen and sold, apparently, by an employee of the library (Lapa, 1931, p. viii and Tilander, 1936, p. 236).
June 1996 (End) Durán, Fernando (as Fernando Durán)
Offered for sale in June 1996 by Fernando Durán (p. 54 in the catalogue); purchased in the 1996 sale by Bilbao antiquary Pedro Ugalde.
June 1996 (Start) Ugalde, Pedro (as Pedro Ugalde)
Offered for sale in June 1996 by Fernando Durán (p. 54 in the catalogue); purchased in the 1996 sale by Bilbao antiquary Pedro Ugalde
(No Date) Les Enluminures (Firm) (as Les Enluminures)
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