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Source Les Enluminures (Firm) - Text Manuscripts - (Accessed: 2017-05-13) (Online-only Auction or Bookseller Website)
Cat./Lot # TM 456
Transaction Information
Selling Agent(s) Les Enluminures (Firm)
Price 58000.00 USD
Manuscript Details
Titles Elixir
Korpus der Klostermedizin
Authors Frauenlob, Nikolaus, von Hirschberg (recorded as Nikolaus Frauenlob von Hirschberg)
Ortolf von Bayrlandt (recorded as Ortolf von Baierland)
Manuscript Dates 1489 (1489 to 1490)
Scribes Kreutter von Augsburg, Jakob (recorded as Jakob Kreutter von Augsburg)
Languages German (recorded as German)
Latin (recorded as isolated Latin inserts)
Materials Paper (Paper)
Places Bavaria, Germany, Europe (Germany (southern Bavaria))
Austria, Europe (or Austria)
Folios 149 Lines 35 Columns 2
Height 300 Width 200 Alt Size
Binding Unbound; quires loosely stitched directly together at top and bottom of book block; strip of white paper glued along length of spine; remnants of earlier binding visible; preserved in blue cardboard box covered in cream paper with front panel of cutting from 19th-c. German bookseller's catalogue
Other Info

3 watermarks on paper stock, see record for very detailed description; written in one main hand in black ink; irregular German cursiva currens; 25-35 lines; detailed scribal note from Jakob Kreutter von Augsburg; see record for detailed description of watermarks, collation, text, binding history, and bibliography

Provenance Information
(No Date) Kren, Paul (as Paul Kren)
The Elixir of Nikolaus Frauenlob von Hirschberg, which is much more narrowly transmitted, was originally produced in German for a lay patron, Paul Kren, resident in the Austrian town of Leoben in Styria.
(No Date) Nineteenth-century German bookseller
Nineteenth-century German bookseller; cutting from a bookseller’s catalogue in German, printed in Fraktur, pasted on the front cover of the box, with the scribe erroneously given as “Jacobus Kreult.”
(No Date) Les Enluminures (Firm) (as Les Enluminures)
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