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Source 1912 - The Fitzwilliam Museum - A Descriptive Catalogue of the McClean Collection of Manuscripts in the Fitzwilliam Museum - James, M.R. (Collection Catalog)
Cat./Lot # 123
Manuscript Details
Titles The Nuneaton Book
The Chasteau d'Amours of Robert Grosseteste, in French verse
In another hand : Prose exposition of the Paternoster (see also f. 110)
Probably in the hand of I : The Gospel of Nicodemus in French verse by Crestien (not Cr. de Troyes)
The Bestiary of William the Norman
The Apocalypse in Latin and French (probably originally a separate volume)
Exposition upon the Paternoster, a second copy of that of f. 7b in the original hand
The Poema Morale
Authors Crestien
Manuscript Dates Cent. xiii late (1275 to 1301)
Languages French (recorded as French)
Latin (recorded as Latin)
Materials Parchment (Vellum)
Places England, United Kingdom, Europe (English)
Folios Lines Columns 2
Height 263 Width 177 Alt Size
Binding Old red skin over boards, mended, clasp gone.
Other Info

double columns of 31 and 26 lines, in a very fine clear black hand.

Provenance Information
(No Date) Scheynton, Alice (as Alicia sscheynton)
On f. 1 in red: Iste liber constat Alicia sscheynton et post ea(m) conventu.
(No Date) Nuneaton Convent (as Nuneaton)
See also f. 9 where the convent of Nuneaton is mentioned. Nuneaton in Warwickshire was a cell to the Abbey of Fontevraud, founded by Robert Bossu, Earl of Leicester, in Henry II's reign, according to Tanner. There is no account of it in the Monasticon : its name occurs there, vi. 1085.
(No Date) Lucy, Mary Elizabeth, 1803-1889 (as Mrs Lucy)
On f. 1 in pencil: Gift of Mrs Lucy to John Gibson 8 Oct. 1853.
(No Date) Quaritch, Bernard, 1819-1899 (as Mr B. Quaritch)
It appears in Mr B. Quaritch's catalogue of Dec. 1893 under the name of the Nuneaton Codex
(No Date) McClean, F. (Frank), 1837-1904 (as Mr McClean)
purchased from Mr B. Quaritch
(No Date) Fitzwilliam Museum MacClean Collection of Manuscripts
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