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Source 1988 - The Miroir Historial of Jean le Bon: The Leiden Manuscript and its Related Copies - Claudine A. Chavannes-Mazel (Other Published Source)
Cat./Lot # B2
Manuscript Details
Titles Miroir historial, books 14-24 (Miroir historial)
Authors Vincent of Beauvais, -1264 (recorded as Vincent of Beauvais)
Jean de Vignay, approximately 1284- (recorded as Jean de Vignay) (Tr)
Manuscript Dates c.1375-80 (1365 to 1380)
Languages French
Materials Parchment
Places Paris, France, Europe (France, Paris)
Folios Lines Columns 2
Height 328 Width 225 Alt Size
Binding Originally one volume (books 14-24); later for Chester Beatty by W.H. Smith into three volumes (books 14-16, 17-20, 21-24)
Other Info

Cited as B2 on pp. 87-88. "Parch., 160+171+119+100+165 +171
ff, ca.328x225 (235x142) mm, 2 columns, 52-54 lines, littera textualis. Gatherings of 8 ff.
Decorated initials, vine borders in gold, red and blue, half fleur-de-lys decoration,
alternating blue and red, or red, blue and gold. 1 historiated initial and 707 miniatures
(originally 735) , mostly the width of 1 column"

Provenance Information
1402 (Start) Berry, Jean de France, duc de, 1340-1416 (as Jean, duc de Berry)
signature and inventories 1402 and 1413
1409 (End) Jean de Montagu, 1350-1409 (as Jehan de Montagu)
1413 (Start) John, Duke of Burgundy, 1371-1419 (as Jean sans Peur)
Given by Jean de Berry to the Duke of Burgandy 9/2/1413
1420 (Start) Dukes of Burgandy
Inventories of 1420, 1423, ad 1467
1861 (Associated) Ashburnham, Bertram, 4th earl of, 1797-1878 (as Ashburnham)
Appendix CXLVI
1897 (Start) 1920 (End) Thompson, Henry Yates, 1838-1928 (as H.Y. Thompson)
His Ms. 79. Purchased May 1897 from the Ashburnham collection.
1920 (Start) Sotheby (as Sotheby's)
March 23, 1920, lot 55
1920 (Start) 1968 (End) Beatty, Alfred Chester, Sir, 1875-1968 (as A. Chester Beatty)
Dublin, Chester Beatty MS 75
1968 (Start) Sotheby (as Sotheby's)
December 3, 1968, lot 20
1968 (Start) Bibliothèque nationale de France (as Paris BN)
Part of NAF 15939-44
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