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Source 1937 - John Carter Brown Library - Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada, vol. II (S. De Ricci) (Collection Catalog)
Cat./Lot # 7
Manuscript Details
Titles Psalterium (Psalter)
Manuscript Dates 1537 (1537 to 1538)
Artists Clovio, Giulio, 1498-1578 (recorded as Giulio Clovio) (Style)
Materials Parchment
Places Venice, Veneto, Italy, Europe (Venice)
Folios 304 Lines Columns
Height 130 Width 100 Alt Size
Binding Orig. Venetian black morocco, with silvergilt ornaments, including two roundels with the motto: diu-felix; it is lined with black mor., showing openwork tracery in the Oriental style.
Other Info

Miniatures and borders in the style of Giulio Clovio.

Provenance Information
(No Date) Convent of Saint Mary of the Virgins at Venice (as Convent of Saint Mary of the Virgins at Venice)
Written for presentation to the convent at the expense of a member of Canale family (their arms).
(No Date) S C - PRINCI. - AND. -.G.-M.D.XXXVII
Senatus Consulto, principe Andrea Gritti, 1537 [not principe Andegavensi].
1537 (Start) Anjou-Mézières, Nicolas d', comte de St-Fargeau (1518-1568) (as Prince d'Anjou [sic]) ?
Illuminated for him by Don Julio Clovio, scholar of Julio Romano.
1720 (End) Arundel, Thomas Howard, Earl of, 1585-1646 (as Thomas Howard Earl of Arundel)
Purchased by him. On dispersion, bought by Edward Harley Earl of Oxford.
1720 (Start) 1724 (End) Oxford, Robert Harley, earl of, 1661-1724 (as Edward Harley Earl of Oxford)
He bequeathed it to his only daughter, Margaret Duchess of Portland.
1724 (Start) 24 April 1786 (End) Portland, Margaret Cavendish Holles Harley Bentinck, Duchess of, 1715-1785 (as Margaret Duchess of Portland)
Purchased by Walpole May 1786. Her sale (London, 24 April 1786, p. 132, n. 2951) to Humphreys FOR [sic] Walpole.
24 April 1786 (Start) 1842 (End) Walpole, Horatio William, Earl of Orford, 1813-1894 (as Horace Walpole)
Belonged to him. He gives an account of it on flyleaf. His sale (Strawberry Hill, 25 April 1842, p. 158, n. 90) to Lord Waldegrave.
1842 (Start) Waldegrave, George Edward, 7th Earl (1816-1846) (as Lord Waldegrave)
Walpole's sale (Strawberry Hill, 25 April 1842, p. 158, n. 90) to Lord Waldegrave.
1886 (End) 1862 (Associated) Waldegrave, Frances Elizabeth Anne, Countess of (1821-1879) (as Frances Countess of Waldegrave)
Belonged to her in 1862 (Richard R. Holmes, Catalogue of the special exhibition... on loan at the South Kensington..., 1862, p. 592, n. 6888). Sold in 1886 to Ellis.
1886 (Start) 1887 (End) Ellis and Scrutton (as Ellis)
Described in W.H.J. Weale, Some account of an illuminated Psalter for the use of the Convent of Saint Mary of the Virgins at Venice executed by a Venetian artist of the sixteenth century. (London, 1887, 16o), 14 pp.
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