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Source 1908 - Burlington Fine Arts Club Exhibition of Illuminated Manuscripts - S. C. Cockerell (Other Published Source)
Cat./Lot # 77
Institution/Collection Perrins, Charles William Dyson, 1864-1958
Manuscript Details
Titles Psalter
Manuscript Dates thirteenth century (after 1224) (1224 to 1300)
Materials Parchment
Places St. Gallen, Switzerland, Europe (Swiss (perhaps St. Gall)) ??
Folios 164 Lines 20 Columns
Height 225 Width 159 Alt Size
Full-Page Miniatures 19 Large Miniatures Small Miniatures
Unspec. Size Miniatures 2
Hist. Initials 13 Decor. Initials
Binding The binding has contemporary pictures of the Resurrection and a Majesty fixed by strips of incised latten to the two covers. The leather back appears to be of the fifteenth century.
Provenance Information
(No Date) Perrins, Charles William Dyson, 1864-1958 (as C. W. Dyson Perrins, Esq.)
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