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Source Bibliothèque nationale de France - Bibliotheque nationale de France, Archives et Manuscrits Online Catalogue - (Collection Catalog)
Cat./Lot # Grec 1817
Manuscript Details
Titles Theonis Smyrnaei Platonici expositio eorum quae in mathematicis ad Platonis lectionem utilia sunt
Idem opus, alia manu
Olympiodori commentarius in Platonis Philebum
Michaelis Pselli commentarius in Platonis psychogoniam
Maximi Tyrii opusculum de Deo secundum Platonem
ejusdem tractatus utrum injuriam injuria ulcisci oporteat, fine mutilus
Anonymi fragmenta tractatus de piscibus, ubi excerptum ex Xenocrate, cap. LVII-LX
Procli Diadochi commentarii in Platonis primum Alcibiadem initium
Zosimi comitis historiae novae caput primum, imperfectum
Authors Theon, of Smyrna (recorded as Theonis Smyrnaei)
Olympiodorus, the Younger, of Alexandria, active 6th century (recorded as Olympiodori)
Psellus, Michael (recorded as Michaelis Pselli)
Maximus, of Tyre, active 2nd century (recorded as Maximi Tyrii)
Anonymous (recorded as Anonymi)
Xenocrates, of Aphrodisias, active 1st century (recorded as Xenocrate)
Proclus, approximately 410-485 (recorded as Procli Diadochi) (Com)
Zosimus (recorded as Zosimi)
Manuscript Dates XVI siècle (1500 to 1601)
Languages Greek
Materials Papyrus
Folios 138 Lines Columns
Other Info

Medium format; Fontebl.-Reg. 2103

Provenance Information
(No Date) Fontainebleau (as Fontebl.)
Fontebl.-Reg. 2103.
(No Date) Bibliothèque nationale de France (as Bibliothèque nationale de France)
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