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Source Les Enluminures (Firm) - Books of Hours - (Accessed: 2015-11-13) (Online-only Auction or Bookseller Website)
Cat./Lot # 17
Transaction Information
Selling Agent(s) Les Enluminures (Firm)
Manuscript Details
Titles Le Bigot Hours
Manuscript Dates late 1470s-c. 1480 (1470 to 1485)
Artists Bourdichon, Jean (ca. 1457-1521) (recorded as Jean Bourdichon)
Bourdichon, Jean (ca. 1457-1521) (recorded as possibly a related artist [related to Jean Bourdichon]) (Follower)
Scribes Duvreuil, Jean (recorded as Jean Dubreuil)
Languages Latin
Materials Parchment
Places Tours, Centre-Val de Loire, Loire Valley, France, Europe (France, Tours or Le Mans)
Le Mans, France, Europe (France, Tours or Le Mans)
Manuscript Uses Rome
Folios 113 Lines 26 Columns 1
Height 143 Width 100 Alt Size
Full-Page Miniatures Large Miniatures Small Miniatures 12
Binding Bound in a sixteenth-century (c. 1580?) Parisian gold-tooled olive morocco fanfare binding, covers with central oval cartouche and compartments formed with strapwork, the compartments filled with hatched foliate tools, leafy oak sprays, fleurons, acorns and winged angel heads (see Hobson, 1970, tool named “Tête d’angelot”), remnants of silk ties, the names “Francois Le Bigot” inscribed in gilt in the central oval cartouche on the upper cover and “Perrette d’Amours” on the lower cover, remnants of yellow silk ties, gilt edges
Other Info

7 of the 12 miniatures in camaïeu d’or; brown ink in a gothic batarde; see record for contents list and detailed description of illumination; 5 full-color miniatures once attributed to Jean Fouquet, teacher of Jean Bourdichon but now have been securely attributed to a young Bourdichon, see record for detailed history of attribution and scholarship; list price $325,000

Provenance Information
sixteenth century (Start) D'Amours family (as d’Amours family)
Responsible for present binding; possible that someone in the family was the original patron
1537 (Start) D'Amours, Francois (as François d’Amours)
Record speculates that the book was rebound for the wedding of Francois d'Amours to Perette LeBigot
(No Date) D.v.B
Unidentified initials “D.v.B” penned in ink on lower left-hand corner of upper pastedown, with a series of Roman numerals (MDCCCLXXXVII)
(No Date) Les Enluminures (Firm) (as Les Enluminures)
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