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Source Bibliothèque nationale de France - Bibliotheque nationale de France, Archives et Manuscrits Online Catalogue - (Collection Catalog)
Cat./Lot # Grec 766
Manuscript Details
Titles S. Joannis Chrysostomi homilia in annunciationem Deiparae
Theodoti monachi homilia de eodem
S. Joannis Chrysostomi homilia in quatriduanum Lazarum
Hesychii presbyteri homilia de eodem
S. Joannis Chrysostomi homiliae duae in Ramos Palmarum
S. Epiphanii homilia in sepulturam Christi
S. Joannis Chrysostomi homilia in sabbatum sanctum
ejusdem homilia in Pascha
S. Gregorii Nazianzeni homilia in Pascha et tarditatem
S. Joannis Chrysostomi homilia in S. Thomam
S. Gregorii Nazianzeni homilia in Pentecosten
Leontii, Neapoleos episcopi, homilia de eodem
Andreae Cretensis homilia in exaltationem sanctae Crucis
Antipatri Bostrensis homilia in natalem S. Joannis Baptistae
S. Joannis Chrysostomi homiliae duae in assumptionem Domini
S. Gregorii Nazianzeni homilia in Pentecosten
S. Joannis Chrysostomi homilia de eodem
ejusdem homilia in omnes SS
Procli, CP. patriarchae, homilia in Transfigurationem
S. Cyrilli Alexandrini homilia de eodem
Andreae Cretensis homiliae duae in dormitionem beatae Mariae
ejusdem homiliae duae in nativitatem Deiparae
S. Joannis Chrysostomi homilia in sanctam crucem
Authors John Chrysostom, Saint, -407 (recorded as S. Joannis Chrysostomi)
Theodotus, Bishop of Ancyra (recorded as Theodoti monachi)
Hesychius, of Jerusalem, -approximately 450 (recorded as Hesychii presbyteri)
Epiphanius, Saint, Bishop of Constantia in Cyprus, approximately 310-403 (recorded as S. Epiphanii)
Gregory of Nazianzus, Saint (recorded as S. Gregorii Nazianzeni)
Leontius, Bishop of Neapolis, active 7th century (recorded as Leontii, Neapoleos episcopi)
Andrew, of Crete, Saint, approximately 660-740 (recorded as Andreae Cretensis)
Antipater, Bishop of Bostra, active 460 (recorded as Antipatri Bostrensis)
Proclus, Saint, Patriarch of Constantinople, approximately 390-approximately 446 (recorded as Procli, CP. patriarchae)
Cyril, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria, approximately 370-444 (recorded as S. Cyrilli Alexandrini)
Manuscript Dates CCENT 850 (800 to 901)
Languages Greek
Materials Parchment
Folios 159 Lines Columns
Other Info

No dimensions, "medium format"; Colbert. 929; indexation section specifies Theodotus Ancyranus as author of "Homilia in Annuntiationem"
MIGRATION_ISSUE: Last known location for this Entry is Paris, BNF, MS Grec 766, couldn't store this in the Manuscript record because there is none.

Provenance Information
(No Date) Colbert, Jean-Baptiste, 1619-1683
(No Date) Bibliothèque nationale de France
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Created by Sarah Tew on 2015-10-13 7:46pm
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