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Source 2013-03 - Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books AG - Brochure No. 13. Discoveries from the Past (Auction/Dealer Catalog)
Cat./Lot # 23
Transaction Information
Selling Agent(s) Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books AG
Price 120000.00 EUR
Manuscript Details
Titles Breviary, Winter part
Manuscript Dates Dated 1476, 1477, and 1478 (1476 to 1478)
Languages Latin
Materials Paper
Places Southern Germany, Germany, Europe (Southern Germany or Switzerland)
Switzerland, Europe (Southern Germany or Switzerland)
Manuscript Uses Diocese of Constance
Folios 437 Lines Columns
Height 315 Width 220 Alt Size
Hist. Initials 20 Decor. Initials
Other Info

Diocese of Constance, 1476-8. Numerous decorated initials. Dated by scribe and artist. Pen and wash initials and borders show a highly skilled artist. Feast of Nativity on Christmas Day is illustrated with various scenes.

Provenance Information
(No Date) St. Leodegar im Hof (Church : Lucerne, Switzerland) (as St Leodegar, Lucerne)
(No Date) Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books AG
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