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Source 2014-07-08 - Sotheby's (Firm) - Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts (L14240: ALBRECHT) (Auction/Dealer Catalog)
Cat./Lot # 44
Transaction Information
Selling Agent(s) Sotheby's (Firm)
Price 18000.00 GBP
Manuscript Details
Titles Commentary on Aristotle, De Physica (Commentary on the Physics of Aristotle)
Authors Gerardus de Harderwijk (Com)
Manuscript Dates ca. 1480 (1470 to 1491)
Languages German
Materials Paper
Places Cologne, Germany, Europe (Germany (probably Cologne or perhaps Frankfurt))
Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Europe (Germany (probably Cologne or perhaps Frankfurt))
Folios 84 Lines 42 Columns 1
Height 222 Width 145 Alt Size
Binding Early beveled wooden boards with modern vellum over spine and leather clasp, “Glosa …libro phys” in black ink in seventeenth- or eighteenth-century hand on front cover.
Other Info

In a small secretarial hand, occasional ornamental cadels in lower margin, neat contemporary marginalia including several pointing finger marks, some initials with line-drawn angular acanthus-leaf sprays, watermark of an angular ‘P’ surmounted by a flower (close to Briquet, no.8594: Frankfurt, 1460), strips from a contemporary vellum document used as quire strengtheners, outer margins of pages with slight discoloration from thumbing, one of original flyleaves at front becoming loose and edges of leaves woolly in places, else good condition.

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