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Source 2001 - Buchanan, T.R. (Thomas Ryburn), 1846-1911 - Medieval manuscripts from the collection of T.R. Buchanan in the Bodleian Library, Oxford [Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, 2001 (Peter Kidd)] (Collection Catalog)
Cat./Lot # MS Buchanan e. 15
Manuscript Details
Titles De Romanorum magistratibus
Authors Pliny, the Elder (Attr)
Fenestella, L. (Lucius), -1452 (recorded as Floccus; Andreas de Florentia) (Attr)
Pseudo-Fenestella, Lucius
Manuscript Dates C3Q 1450 (1451 to 1476)
Artists Master of the Putti
Master of the Putti, workshop
Scribes Erizzo, Paolo
Languages Latin
Materials Parchment
Places Venice, Veneto, Italy, Europe
Folios 49 Lines 27 Columns
Binding Contemporary blind-tooled binding [cat. pl. 1]; sewn on three double straps, with endbands; bound in polished brown leather over wood boards, edges of inner faces bevelled; ropework around cruciform design; originally with two clasps; rebacked 1898
Other Info

[See cat. for additional notes, description, and bibliography.] 214-5 x 143-4 mm (138-41 x 85-8 mm). i (modern parchment) + i (original (?) parchment) + i (18th(?)-c. paper) + 44 + i (original(?) parchment) + i (modern parchment). Modern pencil foliation i-iii, 1-46. 5 quires mostly of 10. Ruled in pale brown ink. Good, regular, humanistic bookhand, perhaps by Paolo Erizzo. | 1r-42v comprises Pseudo-Fenestella's De Romanorum magistratibus, here labeled a work of Pliny: "PLINIVS.DE.MAGI/stratibus Romanorum. et primum de / Lupercis..." This work circulated under the name of the author, Andrea di Domenico Fiocchio (or Floccus), and anonymously, but was first published in an abridged one-book version attributed to Fenestella. It is this redaction that is copied here. | One 5-line faceted initial "O[mnium]" on 1r in red and gold, on a square blue ground, containing a bust in camaieu d'or of a male youth in profile, and, in the center of the lower border of the same page, a coat of arms within a green laurel wreath [cat. p. 34]. 2- or 3-line square capitals at the start of each section. The illumination is attributed by Armstrong to the Master of the Putti or his workshop, ca. 1471-3. | Made for a member of the Erizzo family, Venice: their coat of arms on 1r (azure, on a bend or a hedgehog and a reversed gothic initial E sable). Initials, presumably of the scribe, occurin pink roman square capitals at the end of the text (42v): ".P.E.F.A." The same scribe copied Huntington and Vienna MSS [see cat]. The scribe and owner may be Paulus Erizzo (Antonii filius). | An unidentified 18th-c. Italian library added a small sheet of laid paper, pasted to the recto of f. ii, with an inscription pointing out the work is not Pliny and referring to the printed edition of Pseudo-Fenestella. Subsequently possessed by Messrs. J. & J. Leighton, London bookbinders and booksellers; included in A list of interesting books (1889) item 727. Subsequently owned by William Morris; the posthumous Morris book-label was added by Richard Bennett, of Manchester.
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Provenance Information
(No Date) Erizzo family, Venice
(No Date) Leighton
(No Date) Morris, William, 1834-1896
(No Date) Bennett, Richard
(No Date) Buchanan, T.R. (Thomas Ryburn), 1846-1911
(No Date) Buchanan, E.O. [Emily Octavia], Mrs.
(No Date) Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
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