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Source 2012 - Ruskin, John, 1819-1900 - The Library of John Ruskin [Oxford: Oxford Bibliographical Society, 2012 (James S. Dearden)] (Collection Catalog)
Cat./Lot # 1333
Manuscript Details
Titles Book of Hours for Yolande of Navarre
Manuscript Dates C 1353 (1343 to 1364)
Languages Latin
Materials Parchment
Places France, Europe
Folios 270 Lines Columns
Height 110 Width 80 Alt Size
Other Info

Notes from this catalogue: Fine ivy-leaf decoration. The number of folios, based on Ruskin's statement, is in doubt, and cannot be reconciled with the number of leaves now present and those known to have been given away. Ruskin broke up this MS and gave 13 fols. to the Ruskin Drawing School at Oxford. Twenty-four other leaves were lent or given away by him. When in Jarman's collection the MS was nearly destroyed when the Thames flooded the cellar of his house. | Additional provenance notes: Executed for Countess Yolande of Flanders, wife of Philip of Navarre, d. 1394; in collection of J.B. Jarman c.1858; John Ruskin (by 1868; perhaps this was the £84 missal bought in Jan. 1854 and perhaps direct from Jarman with this catalogue no. 1337 (Book of Hours, Use of Paris)); H. Yates Thompson, who in 1910 bought another 12 fols. from Miss Mary Frances Bradford, to whom Ruskin had given them; besides BL MS, 13 fols. at Bodleian Library (MS Dep.a.1, on deposit from the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art). | Exhibited: (2 of the 13 leaves at the Bodleian Library) Arts Council: "Ruskin and his Circle," 1964, nos. 175-6. | Literature: see S.C. Cockerell, The Book of Hours of Yolande of Flanders (1905); Descriptive Catalogue of Twenty the Collection of H. Yates Thompson, no. LXXXVI; J.S. Dearden, "John Ruskin the Collector," in The Library, 5th ser., 21 (1966), no. 40.

Provenance Information
(No Date) Yolande of Flanders, d. 1394
(No Date) Charles V, King of France, 1338-1380
(No Date) Jarman, J. B.
(No Date) Ruskin, John, 1819-1900
(No Date) Severn, Arthur
(No Date) Thompson, Henry Yates, 1838-1928
(No Date) Bradford, Miss Mary Frances
(No Date) British Library
(No Date) Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art
(No Date) Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
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