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Source 1777 - British Museum, London - A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Cottonian library: to which are added many emendations and additions. With an appendix containing an account of the damage sustained by the fire in 1731; and also a catalogue of the charters preserved in the same library (Collection Catalog)
Cat./Lot # Titus B. 6
Manuscript Details
Titles Summa quorundam praecipuorum Aritculorum in Tractatibus Pacis et Foederum inter Regna Angliae & Franciae, Annis 1514 et 1515
Articuli Conventionis inter Elizabetam Reginam Angliae et Philippum Regem Catholicum
Articuli Conventionis inter Hen. VIII. et Fr. I.
Articuli Conventionis inter eosdem, de redditione Villae Boloniae
Articuli Conventionis inter Eliz. Angl. et Henr. Franc.
Articuli Conventionis inter Reges Angliae et Franciae, pro Depraedationibus coercendis
Articuli Conventionis inter Eliz. et Carol. IX.
Collections out of the Treaties between France and England, from the Time of Edward III. to the Year 1600
A Journal of sundry Matters concerning the Armies sent into Normandy
Placita inter Oppida Hanseatica et Londinenses
Articuli Conventionum inter Reges Angliae et Hispaniae ab Anno 1495 ad 1543
Short Memoranda from the Year 1548 to 1553
Extracts about the Low Countries, from the Year 1571 to 1596
Brabantorum Privilegia
K. Philip II. his secret Instructions to his Son Philip III
Articuli Pacis inter Angl. et Portugal
De Rebus Turcicis
A Breviat of Leagues between France and Scotland, from the year 1327 to 1549
Abstracts of Treatises between England and Scotland under Edward IV, Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Elizabeth
Abstracts of Letters, about State Affairs, from 1571 to 1591
Extract of the Lord Keeper's Speech to Sir Rob. Bell, when he was made Chief Baron of the Exchequer, Anno 1576
How the King may increase his Treasure by lessening his Expences
Memoranda of some Minister of State, of no use
Inscriptiones Nummorum antiquorum
Alphabets for writing in Cyphers
Authors Burghley, William Cecil, Baron, 1520-1598
Philip II, King of Spain, 1527-1598
Manuscript Dates 1514 (1514 to 1515)
1515 (1515 to 1516)
1564 (1564 to 1565)
1532 (1532 to 1533)
1546 (1546 to 1547)
1559 (1559 to 1560)
1518 (1518 to 1519)
1564 (1564 to 1565)
1571 (1571 to 1572)
1582 (1582 to 1583)
1576 (1576 to 1577)
Scribes Burghley, William Cecil, Baron, 1520-1598
Other Info

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Provenance Information
(No Date) Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631
(No Date) British Library
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