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Source 1777 - British Museum - A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Cottonian library: to which are added many emendations and additions. With an appendix containing an account of the damage sustained by the fire in 1731; and also a catalogue of the charters preserved in the same library (Collection Catalog)
Cat./Lot # Otho C. 8
Manuscript Details
Titles Provisio de Ronnemede, facta per R. Johannem; cum Juramento ejus & Baronum
Charta R. Johannis de Homagio facta Ecclesiae Romanae
Confirmatio Chartae de Ronnemde, per Henricum III
Charta de Foresta; per eundem
Sententia in Transgressores predictarum Chartarum
Provisiones de Mertoun; cum variis Statutis Henrici III.
Charta Henrici VI.
Thomae Draper concessa, pro Aedificatione Collegii in Ecclesiae parochiali de Newport, in Com. Salop.
Charta, qua per Henricum VI. conceditur Priori & Conventui de Erdebury in Com. War, propter Depaupperationem ex adversante Fortuna & minus provida Gubernatione, ut sibi comparent in Terris & Tenementis seu Advocationibus Ecclesiarum ad valentiam 100 Marcarum per Annum; non obstante Statuto de mortua Manu
Chartae 2 ejusdem Regis, Willielmo Domino de Lovell, Burnell & de Holland, ut assignent quasdam Terras eidem Monasterio, non obstante Statuto de mortua Manu
Advocatio Parochiae de Prestcote, Dioceseos Covent. & Lichfield, data per H. VI. in Dotem Collegii Regalis Cantab.
Appropriatio Ecclesiae parochialis de Mancestre, ejusdem Dioceseos, Monasterio B. Mariae de Mira-valle; in eadem Dioc.
Assignatio certae Portionis reddituum, ejusdem Ecclesiae Vicario
Epistola Edwardi R. ad summum Pontificem Romanum, pro Declaratione juris Regum Angliae in Regnum Scotiae
Lustratio Terrarum & Feodorum in Agro Eboracensi, Tempore R. Ed. I.
Cartae & Monumenta Monialium de Killing, in Com' Ebor.
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Provenance Information
(No Date) Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631
(No Date) British Library
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