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Source 2012-06-13 - Christie's London - Valuable Printed Books and Manuscripts (Sale 5334) (Auction/Dealer Catalog)
Cat./Lot # 13
Transaction Information
Selling Agent(s) Christie's London
Price 16250.00 GBP
Manuscript Details
Titles Office of the Dead
Manuscript Dates 1487 (1487 to 1488)
Languages Latin
Materials Parchment
Places Cologne, Germany, Europe
Manuscript Uses St. Kunibert, Cologne
Folios 50 Lines 19 Columns
Height 230 Width 158 Alt Size
Binding Near-contemporary polished calf blind-rolled over wooden boards, with corner-pieces and central boss.
Other Info

Contains further, related texts. Large penwork 'D' opening the Office. 14 additional, paper folios. Complete. Upper cover inscribed with 'Pro e[.]om[.]asaio (?) / in choro decani.'

Provenance Information
1487 (Start) Ehrlich, Johannes, of Andernach, archbishop of Trier (late 15th c.) (as Ehrlich, Johannes)
Colophon states it was commissioned by him for the church of St. Kunibert, Cologne, in 1487.
Late 15th c. (Start) 1802 (End) Church of St. Kunibert, Cologne (as St. Kunibert, Cologne)
Colophon states it was commissioned by him for the church of St. Kunibert, Cologne, in 1487. Lists obits from as early as 1362 and continues until 1777. Notes on two loosely inserted slips of paper indicate it was still at St. Kunibert's likely until secularization of 1802.
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