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Source Jordanus (Unpublished Source)
Cat./Lot # GLONRP408/00
Manuscript Details
Titles de Iudicio Cruoris Flubothomie
Notes on Phlebotomy
Table of Signs of the Zodiac
Liber de Fleubothomia
the Signs of Death
Tractatus de Fleubothomia
Liber de Secretis
Thesaurus Pauperum
Liber Problematum
Expositio super Antidotarium Nicholai
Glosule super Antidotarium Nicolai
de Diuersis Ponderibus et Mensuris
de Diuersis Ponderibus et Mensuris
Medicines For the Humours
Liber Servitoris
a Table of Electuaries
(Compendium de Epidemia)
de Pestilencia
Regimen Optimum Tempore Pestilenciale
Authors Joannes Jacobi, -1384 (recorded as Johannes Jacobi)
Wicboldus (Ed)
John XXI, Pope, -1277 (recorded as Petrus Hispanus (John XXI))
Jean de Saint-Amand 12..-1312 (recorded as Johannes de Sancto Amando)
Abū al-Qāsim Khalaf ibn ʻAbbās al-Zahrāwī, -1013? (recorded as Albucasis)
Simon Cordo de Genua (Tr)
Abraham de Tortosa (Tr)
Benchelf Benabensina Rivi
Sinome Ianuensi (Tr)
Habraham Iudeo Tortuolensi (Tr)
Manuscript Dates 1474 (1474 to 1475)
Languages Latin
Materials Paper
Folios 140 Lines 48 Columns 2
Height 285 Width 200 Alt Size
Binding Contemporary wooden boards Beneath brown leather, Each cover Patterned with Fillets and 29 Quatrefoils, Most of them Set in the Form of A Cross. Rebacked and Repaired in 1948
Other Info

."Hand (Beta) / Hand (Beta) / Hand (Beta)"
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(No Date) Royal College of Physicians of London
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