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Source Jordanus (Unpublished Source)
Cat./Lot # GOXFBD114/00
Manuscript Details
Titles Canones super Tabulis Campani {.01.02}
Canones super Tabula Sequentes Que Sunt super Parisius
Tabula Cordarum et Arcuum
Canones super Tabulas Quatuor
de Scientia Chordandi Arcum et Arcuandi Chordam
Almanach, Praemissis Canonibus
de Magnis Conjunctionibus, Annorum Revolutionibus, Ac Eorum Profectionibus (Aceph.)
Tractatus Primus et Secundus Quadripartiti (Aceph.)
Tractatus de Planetarum Conjunctionibus et Annorum Revolutionibus
Authors Joannes, de Liveriis, active 14th century (recorded as Johannes de Lineriis)
J. de Liveris
Ibn Tibbon, Jacob ben Machir, ca. 1236- (recorded as Profatius Judaeus)
Abū Maʻshar,‏ ‎-886‏ (recorded as Albumasar)
Ptolemy, active 2nd century
Ibn Abī al-Rijāl, ʻAlī, 1015 or 1016-1062 or 1063 (recorded as Haly Abenragel) (Com)
Abraham Aben-Ezra
Baten, Henri, 1246-1310 (recorded as Henricus Bate) (Tr)
Manuscript Dates C 1250 (1240 to 1261)
Languages Latin
Materials Parchment
Folios 229 Lines Columns 3
Other Info

MIGRATION_ISSUE: 'Secondary Source' field in the legacy database was 'Jordanus'

Provenance Information
(No Date) Allen
(No Date) Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
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