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cbachman started Iowa Digital Library Manuscripts Entered!

3 months

Iowa Digital Library


mbudisin posted in Sidebar access

3 months

To begin, normally, the sidebar will be open when one navigates to the database, however, if it is not, you are right that one would have to somehow know that that hamburger menu is the place to click in order to view the login console and other control tools subsequently. Perhaps it would be more obvious if, instead of the hamburger icon, we had an arrow icon pointing in whatever direction is pertinent at any given moment (open = right pointing/close = left pointing). It would be a bit awkward enabling the user to click-and-drag the control panel as if it's a "drawer," except if the program recognized that this is what the user is trying to do and completed the opening or closing on cue so that the control panel never winds up half open or half closed…


jshino started Sidebar access

3 months

It is not clear that the way to login and generally access the sidebar, one needs to click on the 3 horizontal lines ("hamburger menu"). I also think it would be good to still allow minimization/maximization of the side bar with the mouse click-and-drag, as in other applications.


lisafdavis started de Ricci Census updates now in SDBM!

4 months

Greetings, SDBMers, I wanted to let you know that Melissa Conway and I have spent the last few months inputting updated locations for manuscripts that have changed hands since the Census and/or the Supplement. We've used our Directory (http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi/abs/10.1086/682342) as the source and have linked new locations to the Census or Supplement record(s) when possible. Altogether, we added new locations for 387 manuscripts. We'll keep adding updates as we find them! - Lisa Fagin Davis (and Melissa Conway)


ecawlfield started New video tutorial live on our YouTube channel!

4 months

Are you new to the New SDBM? Check out our first video tutorial to see data entry in action. Access tutorials anytime through our Help menu at the top of your screen.

More videos coming soon!


lransom started Just announced! Mapping Manuscript Migrations project awarded Digging into Data Grant

4 months

The New SDBM project team is excited to be part of the project "Mapping Manuscript Migrations: Digging into Data for the History and Provenance of Pre-modern European manuscripts" Led by the New SDBM Advisory Committee member Dr. Toby Burrows (University of Western Australian and the University of Oxford), "Mapping Manuscript Migrations" aims to add substantially to our knowledge of the history and provenance of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts. Funded by the "Digging into Data" program of the Trans-Atlantic Platform, this 2-year project is collaboration between the Oxford e-Research Centre, the Bodleian Libraries, the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries, the Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes (Paris), and the Semantic Computing Group at Aalto University, Helsinki. For more information, go to https://diggingintodata.org/awards/2016/project/mapping-manuscript-migrations-digging-data-history-and-provenance-pre-modern.